Cooking is for everyone!

”Tempura shrimps”

What is a restaurant food than food that has been prepared by someone, what is an actual difference between homemade and restaurant made food?!?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

Or you prefer paying 50$ for stake that weights 200 g, instead of buying 5 of them and prepare at home…

Have we became lazy, or it’s a status defined by where do we eat? If you’ve watched movies, so far you know that the term ”Wanna have dinner?” means let’s go to a fancy restaurant that I can barely afford because if I invite you at my place and cook for you would mean that I have a hidden agenda… Oh boy…. Yeah I would be f***** scared too!

If you ask me I would say, yeah maybe we won’t click… Or HE/SHE is a serial killer and it’s not safe…. Sure, all of those are true…. But at least do yourself a favor, prepare a lovely meal for you.

Most of the recipes I used are either my creation or recipes adjusted so that they may always be PERFECT.

I promise you that all of the recipes I share here with you are good or even better than restaurants served…

So…. I give you my secret’s for PERFECT meal every time!!!

Thank me later! XXX :* 🙂

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